Ways To Help You Fight Cancer Now 2

Ways To Help You Fight Cancer Now

You may find that there are many different options for you, if you or someone you are close to has been recently diagnosed with cancer. But the thing here is that these options will not find you. You have to find them. Read the tips in this article to learn about how to find those cancer-beating options.

It is common to lose your appetite during chemotherapy, consult with a dietician and they can help you find foods that are easy to digest and are appealing. Some examples include soups, yogurt and oatmeal. It might also help to eat small, frequent meals. Also, take a short walk before you eat as it may help to improve your appetite.

If you have recently found out that you have cancer, and you are not a religious person, you may want to consider getting into religion. Many people find comfort from religion and spirituality when they are going through cancer. Many churches and other places of worship have cancer support group.

Maintaining a healthy weight can help to prevent cancer. Those who are overweight or obese are at risk for cancer and many other health conditions. If you are overweight, talk with your doctor about a healthy weight loss plan. If you are already at a healthy weight, maintain it with regular physical activity and a balanced diet.

Avoiding the doom and gloom associated with cancer will help you to ultimately defeat it. Episodes of your favorite M.D. show can be hazardous to your health. Those images of sick and dying people can really put your mind in a bad place. Avoid them and, as trite as it sounds, find a happier place.

If your cancer treatments are giving you diarrhea, try to eliminate the coffee that you may find so dear. It may help you feel a bit more awake but it is contributing to the diarrhea that you are fighting. Avoid any kind of caffeine to lessen the severity of the symptom.

Individuals with cancer like to know what to expect from their treatments and the disease itself. Help them find information by looking online, visiting the local cancer center and asking questions of medical professionals. The information you gather could be crucial in helping them stay focused and maintain a positive attitude.

Numerous studies have been conducted on garlic and its many medicinal qualities, but one of garlic’s best medical benefits is that it helps to eliminate the cancer-causing cells produced in the body. People who eat garlic are able to kill upwards of 139% more tumor cells in the body than people who do not eat it.

Exclusively breastfeeding your baby for at least six months can provide him with valuable health protection later in life, including cancer protection. Scientists are not one hundred percent sure why this can protect your child, but it appears that the healthy immunity boosters they receive from breast milk can have a lifelong effect.

As was covered at the introduction to these tips, it is solely on your shoulders to seek out the many options you can try in order to treat your cancer. No one is going to come knocking at your door with all the answers. It is imperative that you use tips in articles like these to help illuminate your cancer-treating choices.

What You Say Is Revealing… But What Do You Really Want?

Conversations can be revealing, can’t they?

The words we use, the way we use our bodies to show our passion and enthusiasm or the uncomfortable wriggling and writhing as we wrestle with what we yearn for – are all cues to our progress and how we feel we’re doing on our chosen path.

In the twenty years (combined) that Jo and I have coached for we seen people striving for tangible goals. For example, someone may say they want to make more money or become the kind of person that can hold down a relationship.

One of the revealing things I hear when people speak to me about their desires is that they often speak with ‘ownership. ‘ Sometimes they are quite literally saying ‘I want success to be mine’.

But is this really what they want?

In my view, people don’t want to own a successful relationship. They want success in relating to another human being.

I’ve also observed that people don’t really want to make more money for monies sake, they want to make money from work which has meaning and purpose and that they find worthwhile and fulfilling.

In my observations people don’t want ownership of money, relationships, spirituality, health or anything else. What they – and all of us – want is the feelings of abundance, love, connection and well-being.

When he talks about success in the Endorphin Effect, Dr. William Bloom puts it superbly when he says, ‘It needs to be inside the skin, not outside.

If you want to test this try today’s exercise, below.

Last week, author of the Power of Now, Echart Tolle’s wife, Kim Eng, was in Bristol. She spoke to an audience of around a hundred people. She said that desire is the beginning of suffering – the yearning for wanting something we see as being outside our self.

She went on to say how we are already whole and that when we desire something beyond our self we are subtracting from our self.

I think when you combine Kim’s words with today’s exercise you can really sense how we already have what we most desire inside us already.

Inside us is a factory for well-being, love, health, connection etc. The only real problem we may have is remembering this.

Today’s Exercise

1. Visualise something that you want. See, feel it, smell it.

2. Really get inside the feelings of having what you want. Fall in love with it.

3. Now, if you had a choose, would you want the thing you visualised, but without the feeling, or the feeling without the object.

You’ll find more on this in the Endorphin Effect by William Bloom.

With Love and good wishes

Gospel Great Byron Cage Raises His Voice To Raise. Awareness About Chronic Kidney Disease

Gospel culture and its powerful music have the ability to inspire people to take a positive role in nurturing their mind, body and spirit. Now, world-renowned, award-winning gospel artist Byron Cage is using the power of music to lead a new public awareness program-Strength in HarmonySM-to encourage those at risk for chronic kidney disease to recognize warning signs and obtain early medical intervention.

Strength in Harmony is being offered by Ortho Biotech Products, L.P., in partnership with The COSHAR Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization with a focus on health education through faith-based initiatives.

“I am excited to be working with Ortho Biotech and COSHAR on the Strength in Harmony initiative,” said Minister Cage. “I hope to help bring the African-American community together to take action against chronic kidney disease.”

Chronic kidney disease is a progressive condition in which the kidneys are unable to function effectively. Currently, 20 million Americans have kidney disease and another estimated 20 million are at risk. African-Americans are affected disproportionately as they represent 33 percent of patients treated for kidney failure in the U.S., but only 13 percent of the overall population. People at elevated risk include those with diabetes or high blood pressure, and those who have a family history of kidney disease.

The program launched with a kickoff concert at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Atlanta. The concert is one of two Strength in Harmony events taking place this year. The second, a free health workshop and concert featuring Minister Cage, will be held in November at Ebenezer AME Church in Ft. Washington, Maryland. Additionally, The COSHAR Foundation will distribute chronic kidney disease information to the 8,500 congregations that make up its Health Ministries Network.

“There is a great need for education about chronic kidney disease awareness in the African-American community,” said Sharon Allison-Ottey, M.D., COSHAR’s Director of Health and Community Initiatives. “The combination of spirituality and health awareness is a powerful team to combat this disease. The COSHAR Foundation is committed to assisting churches around the country in focusing health messages and efforts to make an impact on the health disparities in this country.”

Strength in Harmony is also supported by a coalition of organizations, including the American Association of Kidney Patients, American Kidney Fund, the Alliance of Minority Medical Associations and Together Rx Access™, which offers a free prescription savings program for eligible individuals and families who lack prescription drug coverage and are not eligible for Medicare.

Many people do not realize that they have chronic kidney disease, or are at risk for developing it, until they have reached advanced stages of the condition. In fact, results from 37,000 individuals participating in the National Kidney Foundation’s (NKF) Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP) screenings showed that half of the participants, most of whom had risk factors, had chronic kidney disease, but only 2 percent were aware of it.

“Ninety percent of the KEEP participants reported visiting their doctors in the last year yet most were not aware they could be at risk for chronic kidney disease,” reported Dr. Allan Collins, president-elect of the NKF.

This makes it so important that those at high risk for chronic kidney disease learn to recognize early warning signs of the condition, such as anemia. In fact, the KEEP screenings showed that 21 percent of African-American participants with CKD had anemia, a disproportionately higher rate than other races.

Anemia is a potentially debilitating condition that occurs when the body does not have enough red blood cells, which carry oxygen. Symptoms of anemia include feeling tired or weak, shortness of breath, dizziness, decreased ability to concentrate and paleness.

Real spells that work? The truth about REAL white witchcraft spells.

Author: Ashra Enchantments
When people think of powerful love spells and energy influence, they think witch craft supplies of scented pillar candles, hogwarts, magic voodoo love spell dust or secret love potions being made over a black leaky cauldron.
For thousands of years, civilization has relied on real spell knowledge, energy influence and herb medicine. The truth is that real wicca practice and ancient Egyptian spell work is nothing like the movies.

We are all connected through an energy network that links our spirituality, metaphysical and paranormal experiences. Through this network, those with an inherited gift and psychic ability can pass through time to gain a reading on your future. This same energy network influences what will come to be and can be altered through white magic. These charmed spells normally are passed through generations of shadow books.

There are many people that laugh at new age remedies. They have problems, but never seek the spiritual path. They hear the word pagan, occult or psychic powers and decide to run. Most people don’t believe working with energy can help overcome a love, money, or health problem. Why then are their so many people turning to these solutions instead of health products?

Through my natural gift and ancient Egyptian witchcraft practice, I have helped many through energy influence and my spells. The truth about white magic is that it must be cast from the heart in a genuine fashion to truly work. There are only certain individuals who have the psychic sight to guide spells that work.

How do you use black magic or white magic to get a soulmate back? Is there even a way for you to learn witchcraft on your own? These questions come into my email more and more. My answer: There are many spells that can be performed by an individual and are within the reach of the average beginner witch craft. I have several witchcraft spell books on my website that will help those who want to learn the art. They have all been written by myself and have been followed up with spell reviews. If you feel you have “mind over matter” and a natural psychic ability then check them out.

I believe that in our culture and society, there will always be resistance when you speak of fortune tellers or spell casting. We won’t see people saying, “I just had a spell cast upon me.” This will be your own spiritual journey and you must seek happiness from within the enchantment of your soul. There are many mainstream religions that teach you about the inner aura for a reason.

Cast a spell? If you believe in spell casting or psychics, then you are halfway to understanding your own spiritual guidance path. This isn’t about some tarot card reader sitting you down or some commercial psychic. When you have a spell casted by someone with clairvoyant insight, then there you receive accurate and powerful results. If you get a white spell cast by just anyone, they it floats in the air and you are wasting money on conjures that don’t work.

Those who have yet to experience energy influence should really try it. Many to date have had financial problems or personal debt are looking for financial freedom and to get themselves all out of debt. There are many success stories about using money spells to accomplish this in a matter of months. You can stop credit card debit from ruling your life.

There have been many who seek help for relationship problems using spells. If you need love advice on relationship problems then I invite you to speak with me. Everyone has experienced communication problems that need to be fixed – just a matter of how. I listen to many cases for free and provide good remedies using energy influence. Love spells do work and can be effective for long term relationships. The secret to white magik is trusting someone that can conjure with genuine feelings. There have been many people wanting to learn witchcraft from me that just don’t have the real heart or connection for solving problems. The “how to” is their issue.

If you are looking to improve your love life, attract a new love, or improve the sex relationship consider white magic. Make sure you choose someone that genuinely cares about your well being. If you can open your mind to magic spells and spiritual solutions then lasting change can happen. Getting out of debit, attracting more money, or a serious relationship needs to be handled by a professional to get results. You need to know the truth about real magic and that is that is must be done by someone who truly cares.

Why just decide to end a relationship or stop building a relationship because there are a couple sex problems? Decide to see the truth about your spirituality and understand how real spells work.

© Spell Enchantments 2006.

Ashra: Renown clairvoyant psychic, spell caster and Akychi Master. She specializes in paranormal, metaphysical and Egyptian witchcraft energy influence to turn people’s dreams into reality. Owner of Spell Enchantments, her success in future predictions and love spells has earned place rank of eBay’s #1 Psychic and published recognition worldwide.
Website: Free Love Spells .ca

Magic Spells – Do They Really Work?

For thousands of years, civilizations all over the world have relied on their faith in spiritual or mystical powers to accomplish truly amazing feats.
Long before modern medicine came on the scene, most health concerns were traditionally handled by applying a dose of spirituality, voodoo, witchcraft, astrology, or psychic power from any number of paranormal sources. One simply couldn’t get through the day without help from the “unseen” world. Of course, that was in the “dark ages” before we were enlightened by the miracles of modern science. But is it wise for people today to scoff at all that seemed to work for so many people, for so long?

In a world where mainstream religion is often mocked, it’s easy to laugh at those believe in the powers of the paranormal, occult, magic, psychic or new age remedies. We often label them as misguided kooks or blind followers of today’s trendy Hollywood scene and counter-culture. But as humans, it is built into our composition to search for truth, and solutions to the many problems we face. And let’s face it, today’s world is filled with day-to-day problems that we strive to overcome… issues dealing with love, money, health, just to name a few. Life is a difficult struggle for millions of people worldwide who seek relief, and solutions to their problems by turning to magic spells. Just go to eBay and do search on love spells or magic spells. You’ll find an endless potpourri of psychics and spell casters who can make your problems disappear, or bring you amazing results for just a few dollars. Think that’s funny? It gets better. When asked, most people who buy these spells will tell you that they really work… and they do.

So how can a love spell performed by a psychic actually attract a soul mate to a lonely person seeking a love partner? Did that money spell really make that struggling secretary get a job promotion and a salary raise? And what about that healing spell that cured my neighbor’s back pain? The unbelievers will likely point to coincidence, some sort of logical explanation, or attribute the results to simply “mind over matter.” But those who believe in psychic powers and the paranormal world think otherwise – there must be a spiritual or metaphysical helping hand involved.

As a self-professed psychic and paranormal expert, who has studied spirituality, psychic phenomena and the art of spell casting, I personally believe that there is much more to this than meets the eye. Most mainstream religions accept the power of prayer as a way to receive blessings, protection and goodness from spiritual sources. Even medical professionals are now recognizing that an individual’s faith and beliefs can play a major role in improving quality of life and health. However, while many doctors will admit that there is some benefit to holistic and alternative medicines, you’ll be pressed to find any who will publicly encourage seeking answers from a psychic or magic spell.

There has always been, and will always be something about the stigma of going to a fortune teller, psychic or spell caster that keeps people from easily accepting their virtues. As an industry, the psychic business has brought on much of this skepticism itself. Shoddy late night television infomercials for psychic readings, con artists or carnival fortune tellers are the images that come to mind for many, when they think of psychics. Just look at how astrology and other psychic-related ads have that tiny disclaimer at the bottom that says “for entertainment purposes only.” It’s about as phony as pro wrestling, right? Well, don’t be too quick to agree.

There are more people than you think who use money or love spells on a regular basis, in an attempt to restore a bad relationship, or gain financial freedom. And these are folks from all walks or life, professions, income levels, religious affiliations and nationalities. Sure, some may rely too much on seeking guidance and help from the psychic world, but most of them are die-hard believers of the occult and would not have it any other way. They will tell you that these spells work for them, their lives have been enriched, and you are the foolish one who doesn’t know what you’re missing.

People always ask me, “Are these spells real? I mean, can they actually make things happen that I can’t do on my own?” If spells can do what they claim they can do (improve love life, attract more money, better luck at gambling) then the answer has to be “Yes.” A spell that does what it is supposed to do has got to be real. Of course, it helps if you have a positive outlook, and believe that the spell can truly help you. But if the spell delivers results, then it has to be real. Believers will tell you that those who refuse to open their minds to the possibilities of magic spells and spiritual solutions will never know what they are missing. Perhaps it is the unbelievers who are experiencing “mind over matter,” only their mindset is narrowly fixed on the opposite end of the belief scale.

Why limit your world to just the few things you can see and touch? After all, what you see isn’t always what you get.

© 2005-2006 KPS Services.

Spirituality Information – Journey In The Fields Of Forever ( Part 23 )

My father once told me the story of the Ambrose Stone. He never mentioned from where it got its name, but said that it was a stone infused with miraculous power. If you touched a sick person with it, that person would be healed. If you slept with it under your pillow, you would have dreams of the future and would be more able to plan your life in a way that would be most beneficial.

The Ambrose Stone, my dad said, would bring its owner, love, joy, peace, health and prosperity. Naturally, I asked him where the Stone could be found. Unfortunately, he sadly replied that he did not know and told me he had heard the story from the old man who lived by the river. At that time I was just a young boy and, much as I wanted the Stone for my own gratification, I didn’t know where to begin searching.

This, of course, did not prevent me from pestering Dad with all sorts of questions about the possibility of finding and using the Stone. I thought of all the things I could do, all the people I could heal, all the magic I could perform. Well, not really. Being a little boy, I thought only of selfish things. I even announced to my dad that I’d use the power of the Ambrose Stone to wreak revenge on the neighborhood bully. At that, my dad smiled sadly and motioned me to come closer. I was only eight or nine years old at the time, but I still remember his voice as he passed his hand through my hair and said, “Listen carefully to what I will tell you now, son.”

“Tell me, Dad, tell me,” I fairly squirmed with glee. Surely he must have discovered the location of the Ambrose Stone.

How self-improvement program works

There are a lot of programs that can aid you in your endeavors in having a healthy mental life.

If you have a lot of things on your mind and simply want to have the easy way to deal with them helps with programs. Such programs show you the ways on how to be in the healthy line if mental life. They can be an accelerated transformative practice which the professionals can easily impose on your schedule. It can last for a year or longer, depending upon the program administrator.

There are also lessons which you need to follow. Benefits of such programs can maximize your energy, lose weight, maintain good health, enhance your creativity, reduce stress , develop more fulfilling relationships, reach profound meditative states, discover a greater meaning in life, expanding your awareness, strengthen your immune system, take your spirituality to new levels.

You can also find a greater sense of self, master universal dynamics and processes and become the person you want to be they take advantage of the current research and proven practices from nutrition, exercise and psychology to discoveries in the fields of relaxation and spirituality. most other self-help programs that focus on one system or philosophy, some are holistic – or big-picture – approach that addresses all aspects of a person’s well-being.

Most of them goes well beyond offering you the theories behind our programs to give you practical tools and activities to put the power of our programs to work in your life and these programs or lessons are easy to follow, quick to implement and fun to participate in.

Audio self help tapes

On a typical self-help tape, you will hear a pleasant and easy to listen to English voice which will guide you into a deeply relaxed state of mind and body. To enhance the therapeutic effect each tape includes layered echoed background affirmations, a deeply relaxing effect, which pan from left to right in your headphones & 3D Sound effects.

So at times you’ll hear one voice in one ear speaking to the left hemisphere of your brain, while at the same time hearing other echoed voices addressing other parts of your brain.

This powerful method of delivering multiple suggestions simultaneously to the unconscious mind can facilitate positive changes very quickly. In addition to this the absorbing 60 bpm sound effects and powerful subliminal suggestions enhance the overall effectiveness.

How to take advantage of such programs

Speaking from a job organization behavioral point of view let us take a look at what motivation is all about and how to improve it. The human brain as I mentioned earlier is a virtual warehouse of energy.

There is nothing that we cannot do once we put our minds to it. Yeah, sure, all that has been proved time and again, but along with it comes a string attached. The same brain is easily distracted. In fact our imagination is probably the one thing that can travel faster than light. And so it is not an easy task to keep the brain occupied in the same task for an extended period of time. If the job is monotonous the task becomes more difficult and if the job is demanding and involves a lot of pressure to keep time, then you are done for.

Motivation can be thought of as the process of channeling the surplus energy of the brain towards a definite goal or purpose. If you have a good boss or supervisor, then the task of keeping you motivated rests with them. But even then, you have the responsibility to keep yours self motivated and believe me, self motivation is the best motivation because it comes from within.

Healing Through Qigong – The Art Of Breathing

The word ‘Qigong’ is made up of the two words ‘Qi’ (meaning breath or gas in Mandarin) and ‘Gong’ (meaning technique or work).
Thus Qigong basically means ‘breath work’. Qigong, therefore, is a technique of traditional Chinese medicine involving the regulation and coordination of breathing patterns to ensure good health.

Qigong is believed to be the result of decades of struggle by the Chinese people for survival.

It was noticed that certain breathing techniques used in conjunction with mental concentration greatly improved bodily functions. Qigong has also borrowed heavily from Taoism and Buddhism. Thus religion and spirituality plays a very important role in Qigong techniques. Some forms of Qigong even believe that an individual can attain higher levels of accomplishment only if he is very virtuous.

Traditional Chinese medicine operates on a simple but effective premise – that of ‘Chi’. Chi is the energy or life force that travels through the human body and suffuses all our organs with health and well being. When this flow is blocked or disturbed, there is a disturbance within the system that manifests itself as a disease. According to tradition, all that a doctor has to do to restore good health is to analyze the reasons for the block and to take measures to facilitate the free flow of energy once again.

Qigong teaches an individual to live in such a way that the free flow of energy happens always, so that he is free from diseases. As the two words indicate, Qigong deals with the manipulation of breath to achieve and maintain robust health. This art has found a strong role in the martial arts of ancient China where people had to mobilize energy and stamina in coordination with the physical act of breathing.

This Chinese healing art is an effective form of alternative medicine that uses a series of gentle focused exercises to coordinate the mind and the body. It is believed that most people use only a small portion of the energy within them. Most people get sick because they do not breathe properly. These two facts have been juxtaposed in Qigong, where proper breathing helps bring good health. As such, Qigong is mostly taught for health maintenance purposes. But rarely the doctor also uses Qigong for therapeutic purposes.

In the modern world, millions of people all around the world practice Qigong for maintaining their good health. Qigong and other related arts are still associated with meditation and martial arts. But as opposed to the past, these people are no longer the sole custodians of the intricate techniques involved in Qigong. These techniques have become so popular now that medical Qigong has been officially recognized as a medical technique in China.

The practice of Qigong began nearly 5,000 years ago. Today there are almost 3,000 forms of Qigong. Tai Chi is just one of the more popular forms.
Western medicine accepts that Qigong can improve the overall health and vitality of a person. But the religious connotations that are lying just below the surface have often proved to be a matter of controversy. But there are no two opinions regarding the level of effectiveness of this practice.

Spiritual Awakening And Healing

When we are dealing with pain, whether it is physically or emotionally, we are unable to think clearly. Having clouded mind would mean that we are having difficulty getting in touch with our inner self, spirituality and ascending to enlightenment. Without spiritual awakening, we are in constant search of the meaning of our lives.

We need holistic spiritual healing to deal and attain spiritual awakening. Spiritual healing can be a bit weird coming from an age of modern medicine and technology. But it is difficult to ignore the fact that there is a Supreme Being, God or Allah, that are behind every things’ existence.

In a survey published by USA Today last October 8, 2008, 55 percent of American adults regardless if they are agnostic, atheist, or religious, believe that there is a guardian angel or similar entity that protects them from harm. This only shows that spirituality and its acceptance has significant importance on a person’s life.

In spiritual healing, it is said that physical healing depends on how the spirits heals. With spiritual healing, it treats not only the body, but the mind and the spirit as well. Spiritual healers, uses the concept of “light and love” to relax the body. Aside from relaxing the body, it also has several benefits like it releases tension and anxiety. Relieving these negative thoughts would increase the stimulation of self-healing.

The basic principle with spiritual healing is that you would get a connection with God and at the same time, secured and safe feeling. Patients would get the strength from the fact that they are not the only one who are experiencing what they are feeling. This would teach or give patients security and confidence to seek somebody for help. In a nutshell, spiritual healing is about paying attention to life and the living.

So what are the methods of spiritual healing?

Spiritual healing can be performed in different religions. It can be performed through prayer, visualization, devices that transmit healing forces, concentrations process and advance levels of it, and personal spiritual realization. These kind of methods would help patients recover from illnesses or slows down the effect of illness trough self-healing.

Counselling sessions are reinforced with spiritual healing. Spiritual healing is done with full rational understanding of its principles and not by blind faith or superstition. Undergoing spiritual healing with full understanding would provide you the awakening and enlightenment that would benefit you in the future.

The Kabbalah is a school of though concerned with the mystical aspect of Judaism. According to Kabbalistic teachings, the body is the vessel or the ship for the soul’s expression and if the connection between the soul and the body is broken, diseases and disorders can happen.

To maintain the connection between the soul and body, here are some tips that can be done easily:
• Eating a balanced diet and regularly exercising
• Express yourself.
• Feel your surroundings.
• Never give up.
• Do not be afraid to ask for help.
• Spend time with friends and family. They would provide you the support and intimacy you would need to heal.
• Make sure to remember that you have a purpose and you are the one who create the meaning of your life.

With the help of a spiritual healer, not only would you attain a holistic better health, you can also dig deeper to your feelings and start your journey to spiritual awakening. With the help of breath work, creativity and experiential mind and body, your body can release the pain and start its journey to healing.

How To Determine The Sum Of Your Values

“Our value is the sum of our values.
” –Joe Batten

In order to make an advancement in your ability to persuade, I believe it’s necessary to advance yourself. Personal advancement. Personal understanding. Personal growth. These are all incredibly powerful ways to increase every aspect of your life–business, personal and public.

This article is about an amazing process that will help begin to accelerate your skills with my material. The goal is to rank our values. It’s fairly painless, and will take you to new levels of understanding and give you a little more insight into persuading your affluent clientèle. Future articles will get deeper into this, but feel free to check out other articles on criteria and values as they relate to influencing the affluent.

The following is a list, albeit an incomplete list which you should feel free to add to, of some examples of core values. Please, add your own should they not appear. As you practice this with your clients, you’ll see this list grow.

* Honesty * Freedom * Security * Passion * Freedom * Recognition * Integrity * Health * Family * Spouse * Friends * Spirituality * Money * Love * Success * Recognition * Education * Self improvement * Adventure * Fun * Financial independence * Variety * Knowledge * Self actualization * Wisdom * Accomplishment * Power

You might notice that ‘happiness’ is not on the list. The reason for this omission is, ‘happiness’ is not a value. Happiness is what will occur once your core value is actualized.

The next step is to put them in order.

Start with your top ten from the above list. And this is how to determine your top five:

As an example, your list may, in no particular order, start out with health, love, money, passion, freedom, knowledge, wisdom, friends, accomplishment, recognition.

Start with health and make your way down the list. If you had to choose between perfect health and no love, or a perfect love, but poor health. . .which would you choose? For sake of this example, we’ll choose health.

What if you could have amazing health OR all the money you wanted? Which would you choose?

Perfect health and no freedom, or absolute freedom and poor health? Choose which better describes what you want.

We go through the entire list this same way to determine the top five values.

Why is this a valuable exercise? Well, I’ll answer that with another question. If a sales professional had the top values of security, wealth and family, do you think they might be able to effectively interweave security, wealth and family into a conversation about their product or service?

We can’t elicit our prospect’s values in this way, but we are eliciting their criteria (which is really more of a context based value. . . i.e. their value about the given situation that we’re asking about). We need to make it relevant to them.

As you begin to understand the value of this information, you may also want to check out www.maxpersuasion.com/blog for more articles on how values and criteria can affect the way you sell.